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May 27 2020

Digital Days

Dennis get a new printer.

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Apr 12 2020

Charter Member Andrea G.

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Apr 11 2020

In the Beyens Room

Sitting with Karin's collection.

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Apr 7 2020

The Corvers Mezzanine

Good things in small packages.

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Apr 6 2020

The Lounge gets Painted

Ioannis brings his house paints.

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Apr 02 2020

The Lounge Networks

Discover our In-Network Artists

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Mar 31 2020

Mar 31 2020

The Lounge Upgrades

Terri Brooks up-scales The Lounge.

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Mar 30 2020

The Collins Collection

3D Painting from America.

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Mar 30 2020

The Erbacher Room

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Mar 22 2020

The Snoek Collection

Rich surfaces from The Hague.

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Mar 16 2020

Ed's Hall

Ed Hall joins The Lounge.

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Mar 08 2020

Rose Restocks

After selling her works, Rose restocks The Lounge

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Feb 24 2020

The Nava Collection

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Feb 24 2020

The James Mezzanine

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Feb 16 2020

Feb 16 2020

Feb 8 2020

Dennis Works on Aluminum

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Feb 8 2020

The Graaf Collection

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Jan 31 2020

Jan 18 2020

Jan 12 2020

The Foss Collection

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Dec 21 2019

Dec 19 2019

Dec 16 2019

Dec 16 2019

Dec 13 2019

Terri Brooks in The Lounge

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Nov 27 2019

Andrea Gulli

Dedicated to The Lounge.

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Nov 18 2019

Music Comes to the Lounge.

Sounds of The Lounge.

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Nov 15 2019

July 2019

Lounge Magazine Launches

Issue One is released.

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June 2019

Gabriele Ludwig Contributes

Reviewing a Kees Barten work.

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May 2019

Instagram Launch

Our Instagram page is revamped.


November 2018

Website Launch

Dennis launches his latest website.


April 2008

Screen Printing Begins

Dennis begins large-format screen-printing.


Welcome to the ART DEALER SHOW – our bar around the corner from the gallery, where the art dealers retreat after closing time. The place where we swap war stories and ponder this unique life of art sales.

Hosted by art business veteran Danny Stern, this is the first (podcast) show dedicated to exploring the world of art sales and the professionals in the field. Through an ongoing series of in-depth and revealing conversations with art selling masters from every strata, angle and specialty this podcast aims to capture an industry that remains a mystery to even those who are at its center.

It’s our opportunity to share the wisdom and stories that don’t usually travel past the gallery walls and which could potentially be lost forever. These are are the tales and biographies that define our chosen field through its history and culture.

So my art-selling friend, order something stiff, pull up a seat to our table in the back and please join in the conversation.


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